RESPECT - Young Players

We all have a responsibility to promote high standards of behaviour in the game

As a Player, you have a big part to play. That is why the F.A. is asking every player to follow a Respect Code of Conduct.

When playing Football I will:

  • Always play to the best of my ability
  • Play fairly and will not cheat, complain or waste time
  • Respect my Team Mates, players in the Opposing Team, the Referee and my Coach / Team Manager
  • Play by the Rules as directed by the Referee
  • Shake hands with the opposition players and the Referee at the end of the game
  • Listen and respond to what my Coach / Team Manager tells me
  • Talk to someone I trust or the Club Welfare Officer if I am unhappy about anything at the Club
  • I understand that if I do not follow the Codes of Conduct, any or all of the following actions may be taken by the Club, a County F.A. or the F.A. directly

I may:

  • Be required to apologise to my Team Mates, the Opposition Team, the Referee or my Team Manager
  • Receive a formal warning from the Team Manager / Coach or the Club Committee.
  • Be dropped from the Team or Substituted
  • Be suspended from taking part in matches or Training Sessions.
  • Be required to leave the Club

In addition:

  • The Club, a County F.A. or the F.A. may make my Parent, Guardian or Carer aware of any infringements of the Respect Codes of Conduct
  • The F.A. or a County F.A. could impose a Fine and/or Suspension against the Club
  • I will refrain from bullying, making derogatory or defamatory remarks, using foul, abusive or insulting language against any individual via the use of social media in accordance with the high standards of behaviour that is expected from membership of the Club.